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You have more important things to do than hitting update and crossing your fingers.
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WordPress is now the leading website content management system (CMS). WordPress has been around the block since it was first released as a website platform in 2003. It was first released as a blogging platform and later many developers started using it as a website platform. WordPress’s own estimate is that it is currently running on about 1 out of 4 websites today with some reports stating its much closer to 1 out of every 2 websites. That is truly astonishing.

WordPress powers sites of all shapes and sizes from a small humble blog to the New York Times and sites of all shapes and sizes in between. The problem is that between WordPress core updates, plugin updates, security threats, downtime prevention and your everyday run of the mill website maintenance it can be hard to keep up on everything.

We love WordPress!


WordPress Core Updates

We will handle all of your WordPress Core Updates and any problems that arise.

WordPress Plugin & Theme Updates

We will update your themes and plugins in order to keep you current and secure.

Daily Backups

Never worry about losing your valuable work again.

*Premium Plans Only

24/7 Security Monitoring

We’ll monitor your website 24/7 against attackers. And if your website is compromised we will fix it for FREE!

*Premium Plans Only

Our WordPress Maintenance Packages allow you to get the most out of your website’s performance without having to sacrifice the time it takes to maintain it. We’ll do all of that for you!

These plans come with more than just maintenance we also pack in security. Each plan offers 24/7 dedicated security features to protect your website from attacks. We will also provide daily offsite backups so that is something does happen we can get your back up and running in no time!

Website speed is incredibly important. We have technology built into our system that can increase the speed of your website. Because faster browsing leads to more conversions.

Managing WordPress is a lot of things, but it doesn’t need to be your concern. Contact us today!