Vintage Fellowship

A 70s Themed Website

Vintage Fellowship is located in Northwest Arkansas. They say that they minister to the ex-churched. They didn’t want a typical church website, but they still wanted to communicate that they are in fact a church. They also wanted to communicate that they are very much influenced by the early church. And while when we think of the term vintage as just a few decades old they are using it to call up a reference to an ancient christian faith. Needless to say the term Vintage is a very important word and term for them. I wanted the entire design of the site to be vintage. From the the fonts, to the colors, and even the pictures.

Each image on the website was given a photo filter reminiscent of the warm photos from the late 60s and early 70s.

Helvetica and Bondoni were popular fonts in use in 70s print ads and magazines. The fonts used on this website are very close to those used in print at this time.

Founding Pastor

Joel was very responsive and helpful. He took our input and  develop a site with which we are tremendously happy.