Michiana Down Syndrome

An Organizational Website for Spreading Accurate Information and Support

Michiana Down Syndrome provides information and support to families with children with Down Syndrome as well as teachers and professionals. Their previous website was cluttered and unfocused. We worked together to help them direct visitors to appropriate sections of the website. We also just completed a second phase to allow e-commerce functions such as online donations.

We have several different methods of moving visitors in appropriate sections of the website. We sorted the website into three categories, Advocacy, Awareness and Ability, language that was already in their logo. We created pages for each one of those terms then separated the rest of their pages into those three categories.

Custom ghosted button adorn the homepage navigation. When entering into the rest of the site a different more standard set of buttons and navigation exists.

Susan Pearson


Joel’s passion and excitement about his work is contagious. He is committed to producing cutting-edge quality work.  He is artful at getting consensus with groups of people with various levels of understanding of technology and web design. The website design is progressive using most current styles and trends.  The look is clean and is able to strongly convey our message.