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The Elegant Themes Divi Documentation videos conveniently in the Appearance menu in the WordPress admin. Perfect to help you learn more about Divi right at your fingertips.

The license on this product allows you to install this plugin into as many websites as you wish and it never expires. In order to download this website will create a user account for you so that you can retrieve your downloads whenever you’d like from the convenience of your own account page.

Languages supported: English, Dutch, Spanish, Polish, Hungarian



I built this tool for my clients because I knew that I needed a better leave-behind. The quality and thoroughness of the Elegant Themes Documentation videos are top-notch and I wanted to give my clients the ability to learn more about Divi.

32 reviews for Divi Training WordPress Plugin

  1. Bernd (verified owner)

    absolut useful

  2. Andy (verified owner)

    Excellent – Thanks for this – very helpful.

  3. Fabio

    It seems very interesting! Great job and thank you for sharing

  4. Chris (verified owner)

    Thanks for Sharing

  5. Josh (verified owner)

    This plugin is awesome! I’ve loved finally having some Divi training resources all organized and categorized that my clients can view within their WP dashboard. Great plugin and a huge time saver from teaching every new client about Divi!

  6. yvette (verified owner)

    This plugin is amazing. So generous to make it available for use!

  7. Susan (verified owner)

    Thanks so much for your generosity! This will be very helpful for new clients.

  8. Eric (verified owner)

    Hi Joel, This plugin is absolutely awesome, my clients sure gonna love this. A big thank you for sharing. You must have spent a lot of hours to create this.

  9. Catarina (verified owner)

    This is exactly what I was missing from my clients’ sites. This way the handover process is so much easier and they can explore the theme without having to contact me every 5 mins. This is an absolute gem and I thank you for your time and kindness of sharing it with us!

  10. Jaime (verified owner)

    Simply amazing! Found out about it on a Divi blog post regarding customizing the admin for clients. This is perfect and I really appreciate you building this for us Divi devs. Bravo!

  11. Ali (verified owner)

    Really great plugin, so kind of you to share 🙂 My only concern is when the Divi theme is updated e.g. the Theme Options is now out of date?

  12. Peter (verified owner)

    Is it possible to use this plugin without DIVI being installed?


    • joelwolfgang (verified owner)

      No, not at this time.

  13. johann coppet (verified owner)

    Great plug-in and thanks for sharing.
    My only concern is that it only works with HTML and not with Divi layouts.
    But I am sure an update will come soon.

    • joelwolfgang (verified owner)

      Johann, I guess I’m not sure what your concern is. There is a Library section of the plugin that deals with the Divi Library and Divi Layouts currently.

  14. Ideal Practice (verified owner)

    Excellent plugin, thanks for making it available. It would be great if it could be used with just the Divi Builder installed too as we have a custom theme that we use for many projects but include the Divi Builder for easier advanced layouts.

  15. Evert van Malkenhorst (verified owner)

    After installation it doesn’t show in the dashboard of WordPress, Divi.
    Any ideas? The plugin installation and activation went okay.

    • joelwolfgang (verified owner)

      Sorry, Evert, the menu is now under the Appearance Menu.

  16. Laura Martin (verified owner)

    This is nifty but I’ve installed and it’s showing in the appearance menu, not the Divi menu. Unfortunately, users have to be set up with Admin access to see it. Any workarounds to that?

    • joelwolfgang (verified owner)

      Laura, this is the number 1 requested feature and will be addressed in version 2 of the plugin that should be out in September 2017.

  17. Marcus (verified owner)

    Same issue as Evert van Malkenhorst. The plugin doesn’t appear in the Divi area. Is this a bug?

    • joelwolfgang (verified owner)

      Sorry, not a bug, I need to update the video, the menu is now under the Appearance Menu.

  18. Tony Lewis (verified owner)

    Hi, thank you for the free plugin, however, I’m having the same issues as Evert in that it doesn’t show in the WordPress menu under Divi. Could you resolve this issue as it makes your plugin unusable.

    • joelwolfgang (verified owner)

      Sorry, the menu is now under the Appearance Menu.

  19. Veronica Wirth (verified owner)

    Hi, thank you for a great (and very useful) plugin! My question is, how can clients with an editor (or lower) role access the training since they cannot access the Appearance menu items? I have tried custom user roles, but am not seeing how I can make that work. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    • joelwolfgang (verified owner)

      Veronica, I’m looking to launch version 2 of this plugin sometime in September 2017, and this will be addressed in this update. It is the number one requested resource.

  20. sarah1 (verified owner)

    5 stars just for making this available – for free! It is going to be SO useful for the clients that insist on calling or emailing every couple of days for reminders!! Thank you 🙂

  21. jenniferklar (verified owner)

    Great plugin – but it is not available in any other user role but admin. Not all staff have admin access.

    • joelwolfgang (verified owner)

      This is the most requested feature, and will be available in version 2.

  22. Sandra van Zanten (verified owner)

    Thanks for this very nice plugin!
    My clients usually have the editor role. The DIVI training is only visible for admin users. Do you know how I can make the training visible for clients with the editor role?

    • joelwolfgang (verified owner)

      This is the number one priority with version 2. Which I’m hoping to launch in September.

  23. Chris (verified owner)

    Joel… many thanks for the countless hours you must have poured into creating this plugin.
    Much appreciated.

  24. andy

    Just a note to say thanks for this – its very helpful for new users to Divi.
    Looking forward to V2 – when is it due? Thanks

  25. andy

    Very Very helpful for new to divi. Thanks for this – excellent work.

  26. SChisnell (verified owner)

    This works great across my multisite for my new editors/contributors. One of my subsites uses Extra, but your plugin only appears in the Divi menu, not the Extra menu. Since it’s mostly the same, is there any way to access it for users of Extra? Thanks!

    • Joel Wolfgang (verified owner)

      Not yet, but it should with version 2. Thanks for downloading!

  27. r9007429749 (verified owner)

    Thanks. Waiting for V2

  28. Greg Whitcoe (verified owner)

    Awesome!!! Very much appreciated by myself and my clients!

  29. jasonpaulo.orcajada (verified owner)

    Thanks Joel for creating this amazing plugin! This is very helpful for my clients! Looking forward to V2. Cheers!

  30. john.charlton (verified owner)

    This is great! Thanks Joel.

    Any ETA on version 2?

    I’d really like to give Editors access to this.

  31. Fulvio Di Stefano (verified owner)

    Simply perfect! it works fine! thanks a lot

  32. William Templa (verified owner)

    Many thanks Joel.

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