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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

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Yes, every WordPress, Divi, and Business services company has some crazy sale. But is a crazy sale a good deal? Is the product or service a good one? 

Well, a couple of weeks ago I wrote down the top WordPress, Divi, and Business products and services that I’ve used this year and LOVE! Some made the list. Some did not.

Each one of these products or services I’ve personally used. And you’re going to get my personal reviews on all of them.

I even reached out to a couple of these companies and secured an exclusive deal or two just for this group! 

Keep reading to see the deals!

Divi For Business Exclusive Deals

Divi Magic

Unlimited Lifetime License one-time fee $79

Divi Magic allows you to show or hide any Divi Element by a user’s logged-in status, role or date and time.

It really is a game-changer when it comes to marketing. Things only show up when you want them to!

We’ve never offered an unlimited lifetime license before, but we are doing it this year! Get an unlimited lifetime license to Divi Magic for only $79!

Also, all Annual licenses of Divi Magic are 50% off!

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Divi Sticky Video

Unlimited Lifetime License one-time fee $49

Promotion valid 11/23 – 11/30

Divi Sticky Video creates a sticky video module that will pop out of place and scroll down the page as the user scrolls.

You have seen this feature on many pages across the internet and now its available in Divi!

We’ve never offered an unlimited lifetime license before, but we are doing it this year! Get an unlimited lifetime license to Divi Sticky Video for only $49!

Take advantage now!


5 Licenses for $125/annually forever!

Promotion valid 11/23 – 11/30

Any website collecting as little as an email address on a contact form should not only have a Privacy Policy but also have a strategy to keep it up to date when the laws change.

Termageddon is a privacy policy and terms of service generating service that automatically updates as new laws are enacted. 

We purchase licenses and resell them to our clients. Suggested retail is $99/yr, however, I’ve been able to charge more! 5 licenses for $125 will quickly turn into much more!

Termageddon licenses typically cost $99/year. So this is a savings of $75, each license, or $375!

You’ll want to jump on this opportunity. 


30% off use coupon code: Divi4Biz

Promotion valid 11/23 – 11/30

DocketWP is, by far, the most valuable tool I’ve purchased in 2020! It only launched in September, but it has changed the way that I do business. 

Adding this plugin to your website adds an admin tool that allows you to create, (or import) checklists filled with tasks that need to be completed. 

You can save these checklists and export or import them anywhere you need to. 

DocketWP has also partnered with several large companies that have created Prebuilt Lists for you. Everything from website launch checklist, blog post promotion, and even WordPress performance.

This is a fantastic deal. I’ve absolutely loved my copy! Sign up today!

Make sure to use the Divi4Biz coupon code.

The Design Space

25% off sitewide!

Divi for Business Exclusive! Save an Additional 25% off the LuxCommerce Theme use the coupon code: luxeblack25

Promotion valid 11/23 – 12/2

The Design Space is run by Melissa Love, who has been a member of Divi for Business for a while now. She is one of my Divi Design heroes, and has a special deal just for us!

This year her store is running a sitewide 25% off sale, however, Melissa has an exclusive additional 25% off the LuxCommerce Theme.

This is a fantastic deal. I’ve absolutely loved my copy! Sign up today!

Make sure to use the luxeblack25 coupon code.

Divi For Business Featured Deals

Josh Hall

25% off of all Courses

Promotion valid 11/23 – 11/30

Josh has been a member of Divi for Business since Day 1. He is an amazing communicator and has a top-notch Divi Business podcast.

I have taken a few of Josh’s courses and they are great! He really has a way of showing you how to apply what he’s learned.

Purchasing any of Josh’s courses will give you a leg up on your competition.

This is a great deal.

Grab a course today!

Gravity Forms

Up to 50% off

I have become a Gravity Forms nerd. To me, this system just makes sense. It works so well, and you can do just about anything you want.

Gravity Forms is the hands-down best Forms plugin for Divi. I’ve always said that forms are the hardest part of a website, but not anymore. 

Gravity Forms has huge discounts on their popular licenses this weekend.

You will want to get in on these savings!



30% off sitewide

I have become a Gravity Forms nerd. And with Gravity Forms I’ve dove headfirst into the GF ecosystem.

GravityView takes Gravity Forms entry data and lets you display it in a number of ways on your website. It has so many features there are too many to tell you about, but I use it on about every website I build.

If you have Gravity Forms you will want GavityView.

This is an amazing deal. I’ve absolutely loved my copy!

Marketing Made Simple


Marketing Made Simple has been the best more practical book I’ve read in years. 

This book will help you organize your business, thoughts, and your marketing in order to grow your business. You are already great at what you do. This book will help you focus your marketing efforts. 

Get your copy today. You won’t regret it!


The Million Dollar Layout

I’m going to let you in on a secret. I’m working on a new product that isn’t quite ready, but it’s based on the Marketing Made Simple mindset and just for Divi. 

This product will include a Divi Layout that I’m calling the Million Dollar Layout, because I’ve used it with my clients and their total value from it has been over a million dollars!

This layout will be yours for free! That’s right if you purchase any of the products here through my link just send me a message here with a picture of the order confirmation and I’ll send you the layout for FREE!

This is a landing page that you are not going to want to miss out on! 

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