Search Engine optimization or SEO doesn’t always have to be hard. SEO is considered difficult by many because it in many cases requires coding skills. But the truth is that you don’t need to know a ton of code or any for that matter in order to do some basic SEO. Granted there are some things that you may need to code or get some help with, but if you working on your website there are some great things you can do in order to help your website rank higher in search results. Here are five things to get you started. So here are five SEO No Coding required things you can do to improve your rankings.


1.  Link Building Build relationships with website owners in your niche and ask for links on their pages. Search for sites that are similar and ask if they would consider linking to your site. Link building can be tough and its SEO effectiveness has been criticized recently, but it is still a powerful ally in the battleground that is a search engine results page. Look for relevant websites to your topics or business ideas and they keywords you wish to be found for and attempt to get your link on those sites. This can be difficult, and a little tedious, but it is really worth it.


2.  Sharing your Site If you have a blog share your new posts on Twitter and Facebook. The more your links are retweeted or shared the more credibility the search engines give to your site. Google and Bing have both stated that social shares matter when search ranking is concerned. Which when you think about it does make sense. On this note make sure that your website doesn’t stay static that you are always adding to it and producing more content for the search engines to index.



3.  Guest Posting Find blogs and ask if you can write a guest post. Usually, bloggers are more than happy to let people guest post on their blogs because its easy to offer your readers great quality content. It’s a win-win. You do, however, want to make sure that your website and a link are included in the author bio. There are many industry websites that are searching for more authors that you could submit your name to and publish articles on their sites on a regular basis – is a great example of this – your website and social media links are included in the bio of each article.


4.  Relevancy Reread to the text on your website and make sure that you are using keywords that people are searching for. If you have a content management system in the backend of your website go ahead and change it to fit your needs. You really want to be sure that what you are offering on the internet is relevant to what people are actually searching.


5.  Register Your Sites Google, and Bing all allow you to register your sites and add a sitemap so its easier for them to search your site. The easier it is the more they will index and put in the search results.

Each of these things can be done by most everyone especially if you have the knack for writing. While this is not an exhaustive list it is a great way to get started. These will definitely allow your site more exposure. We’re all in this together – do you have any tips?